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Smalls villages around Tourtour .

Smalls villages around Tourtour .
When you are in Tourtour, you can go also for visits in smalls villages around our city : typical in Provence.
Aups :
At the intersection of routes D9, D557 and D957. 37 km. from Brignoles and 30 km. from Draguignan.
Situated at the foothills of the Alps where the air is clear, dry and brisk, Aups is 60 km. from the seaside and 80 from the ski slopes.
The picturesque old streets testify to the rich past of Aups and will be appreciated by history (...)

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History .

Name First record, 4th century : Pontus Tortorii ; 12th century : Tortor.
Prehistoric : There are traces of prehistoric man at Arquinaud.
Gallo-Roman : this region has been inhabited since antiquity. There are Gallo-Roman ruins at Colombier, Evoué, St. Pierre and Treilles. In the small Vlorièye valley alone there were five oppidums and a Roman guard post. The Aurelian Way (Voie Aurélienne) passed by, and can still be seen about a km east of the village.
Medieval : In 739, Charles (...)

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The visit in english .

The visit in english .
The village of Tourtour merits, without any doubt, its label as one of the most beautiful villages of France ! Tourtour has remarkably preserved its character, typical of old Provencal village : the dark yellow stones, beautifully restored facades and historical fountains on the village squares. Each corner of the village has the stamp of authenticity. Tourtour is located 10 kilometres from AUPS, 22 kilometres from DRAGUIGNAN and 40 kilometres from the Gorges du (...)

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