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English : the Thoronet Abbey .

The Thoronet’s Abbey .  

When you are in our village Tourtour, it’s very important that you go for a visit at the Thoronet Abbaye, a cistérian monastery (in XII th.century).

Famous place in the world, this abbey is a real jewel of architectural art.


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Bâtiments disparus : A > "Scriptorium" B >-Chauffoir C >Cuisine D >-Réfectoire -Hôtellerie



The Thoronet abbey, a Cisterian monastery founded in 1146 by the Tourtour monks in a wild setting in the Var region, gathers its monastery buildings around a cloister which is protected by sturdy arcatures from the Romanesque period. Apart from the "palm tree" vault in the chapter house, the barrel vault predominates ; its majestic volumes round out everywhere, from the church to the storeroom without forgetting the dormitory, which rose from the ruins brought about by the 18th century "improvements". The state purchased the abbey progressively from 1854 onwards and it recovered its original appearance thanks to important renovation works.



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